Research center

TRASPOL, Research Centre on Transport Policy is part of DAStU (Department of Architecture and Urban Studies) within the Politecnico di Milano.

The centre is involved in  research, teaching and consultancy in the transport and infrastructure sector. In particular, it is expert in the relationship between public planning, economics and regulation.

At the urban scale we work on public transport planning, with the definition of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and their economic evaluation, also through interfacing with transport models.
In the field of long-haul passenger transport (rail, air and coach markets) we work on regulation (unbundling, tenders), strategic studies and planning (services planning, restructuring, cost cutting).
Moreover, we have numerous experiences with planning and assessment of transport infrastructure and their relationship with land use planning.
In collaboration with Studio META from Monza (Italy), we run one of the few transport models at the national scale existing in Italy. It allows to simulate scenarios of infrastructure supply, services timetabling, market structure and delivers demand estimations, inputs for the transport entreprises and for the evaluation of public expenditure.


Moreover TRASPOL offers training curses dedicated to public administrations and single participants and public conferences on our research topics.