2013. Long distance coach transport. Modal comparison, spatial and scenario analyses

After a long period of stability, the coach sector in Italy faces a new era of radical changes. The process of liberalisation gradually started since 2007 is come to maturity in 2013, switching from a concession regime to a non-exclusive authorisation regime.

The research programme, on behalf of ANAV and with the modelling support of Studio META, updates the previous study of 2011 (Beria et al.,2012; Beria et al., 2013) and analyses in deep the potentialities of coach transport in Italy:

  1. Detailed spatial representation of 2013 timetable
  2. Analysis of market shares of operators and of total demand
  3. Analysis of potential markets of coach: new routes and new routes in competition with rail services
  4. Scenarios of coach market expansion: increase of airport taxes, increase of fuel duties, new coach services.