2014. Economic evaluation of the scenarios of Milan’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) 2014-2024

TRASPOL advised the Municipal Agency of Transport Planning (AMAT) for the economic and financial evaluation of the scenarios of Milan’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).

The development of an evaluation model (cost-benefit analisys) wich is integrated with the transport simulation model of the Agency, allowed to integrate the evaluation within the whole process of design and planning that led to the definition of the final scenarios; moreover the same integration allowed to show the effects and the results in geographic terms (through maps) and per travel purposes.

All the actions (infrastrucure, services or policies) have been evaluated at first singularly and comparatively, to better understande the effectiveness, efficieny and the geographical effects; once the best actions have been selected, an evaluation of the contemporary application of them has been evaluated, in order to appreciate possible synergies and avoit or minimize any contrasting effect.

The resuls of the evaluations, both for single actions and for the scenarios of the plan, have been presented in the form of books including an Appraisal Summary Table (including a summary of the evaluation in descriptive-qualitative, quantitative and economic terms) and different maps of the effects (variation in consumers’ surplus, mode shift, variations in time and distance, etc.). The books aimed at making the results as clear and understamble as possible for the decision maker, the citizens and all the stakeholders, so to make the public debate more informed and the decision making process more transparent.