2015. Study on upgrade alternatives for the Milano-Mantova railway line

The study analyses the main problems of the Codogno – Mantova railway. The starting point is the analysis of the document Protocollo di Intesa signed between Regione Lombardia and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (the Italian Railway manager).
The research aims primarily at clarifying the content of the document, the proposed solutions and the impact that these will have on service:

  • increased checkpoints;
  • equipment upgrade;
  • solution of level crossings;
  • modal integration;
  • creation of underpasses in stations.

Secondly, on the basis of both Italian (the case of services S-link of the Province of Brescia) and foreign (the timing rail Swiss) best practices, presents some additional proposals to better adapt supply to demand and to try to extend the benefits of the planned investment to the whole areas, avoiding to limit it only to the railway line.