2015. Course “Relation between territorial and mobility Systems”

TRASPOL has contributed to the training course “Relazione tra Sistema Territoriale e Sistema della Mobilità “, coordinated by prof. Paola Pucci and designed for technical personnel of the Lombardy Region.
Specifically, the research centre presented the following issues:

  • Forms of “unconventional mobility”; the impact of policies of sustainable mobility (Car2Go, BlaBlaCar, sharing, ect.) on the modal split and the relationship between these, the accessibility and the territory.
  • Economic evaluations and feasibility studies in transport policies and mobility; introduction to the main socio-economic evaluation techniques applicable to rail infrastructures and the feasibility of value capture tools in the Italian context.
  • Integrations between transportation and land use: the challenges of the past and present; review of the theoretical debate and experiences of policy integration of land use and transport planning, read in a historical perspective and through a few recent examples.