2012. Consultancy on the report “Misure per ridurre il tempo verso la crescita”

Interventi_LightTRASPOL has worked together with motorway, rail and construction operators, to realize the document Misure per ridurre il tempo verso la crescita. The document focuses on the analysis of the Italian transport system, its problems and potentialities. Its primary purpose is to promote a change of perspective: no longer identifying, listing or announcing major (and expensive) projects that could give benefits only in the long-run. On the contrary, all proposals are thought to be quickly implementable and can rapidly produce growth effects, responding to the needs of the current context of crisis.

The actions are:

  • Light projects focused on missing links and local problems;
  • Technologies, which allow to significantly increase the capacity of existing infrastructure and improving traffic flows, especially in infrastructure such as ordinary roads and secondary rail lines.

In conclusion, the document presents 22 proposals to reduce the time for the growth of the country.