2012. Study on the feasibility of the new Caserta Grazzanise airport

GrazzaniseThe study analysed the proposed new Caserta-Grazzanise airport, near Naples, and suggested possible technical and quantitative hints to discuss about its socio-economic feasibility.

We analysed the role of the existing Naples Capodichino airport looking at its accessibility, catchment areas, operating air careers (traditional and low-cost) and their services (point-to-point and feeder). We focused in particular on the long-term capacity of the existing airport, both land and air side.
We the analysed the potential role of a new Caserta-Grazzanise airport, in particular as a hub and focusing on its future accessibility.
We then provided a simplified cost-benefit analysis of the new proposed airport, using an established international methodology. We considered traditional costs and benefits of transport projects, with particular on access costs for users and related external costs, savings in airport congestion costs (land and air side), savings in airport external costs and the opportunity costs of the freed land in Naples.