CONFERENCE: Long-distance passengers transport: market, planning, innovation ||| 28-29 September 2017

TRASPOL, the Laboratory of Transport Policies of Milan Politecnico, is organising a workshop on the topic of long-distance passengers market. The first day of workshop is in Italian and is dedicated to national issues. The second day, in English, will host academics and scholars to share studies and experiences on the long-distance markets. A selection of papers presented at the workshop will be considered for publication on Research in Transportation Economics.

Here available the Italian Long-Distance Coach Transport Market Report | S1-2017 and the connected Executive Summary – Text in Italian

POLICY SESSION – detailed programme (day 1)
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RESEARCH SESSION – detailed programme (day 2)
Welcome address
Paolo Beria (Politecnico di Milano)
A. The geography of long-distance transport
  • Francesca Pagliara, Antonio Garofalo and Serena Di Maro Do high speed rail systems induce megalopolis formation? Some evidence from Italy
  • Changmin Jiang, Cheng Chen, Tiziana D’Alfonso and Huanxiu Guoc Graph-theoretical analysis of the Chinese High-Speed Rail network over timePresentation
  • Carlos Llorca, Joanna Ji, Joseph Molloy and Rolf Moeckel Incorporating location based big data and trip planning services into the estimation of a long-distance travel demand modelPresentation
  • Vilmos Oszter Long distance travel patterns of rail users in Hungary – Findings of the new countrywide Origin-Destination (O-D) SurveyPresentation
    Paolo Beria (Politecnico di Milano) – Presentation
    B. Planning and policies for the long-distance transport
  • Christian Burgdorf and Alexander Eisenkopf Effects of road tolls for intercity buses on travel activities and the choice of means of transport in German long-distance passenger transportPresentation
  • Paolo Beria, Raffaele Grimaldi, Daniel Albalate and Germà Bel Delusions of success: costs and demand of high-speed rail in Italy and SpainPresentation
    C. Liberalisation, competition and their effects
  • Zdeněk Tomeš and Monika Jandová Open Access Passenger Rail Services in Central EuropePresentation
  • Cornelia Gremm and Laurent Guihery New intercity coach services in Germany and France: Can they make money?Presentation
  • Jørgen Aerhaug, Eivind Farstad, Nils Fearnley and Askill Harkjerr Halse Express coaches: An up-hill battle after liberalization?Presentation
  • Andreas Knorr, Alexander Eisenkopf and Andreas Luegarndt Will low-cost carriers also disrupt long-haul services?Presentation
  • Jack Doomernik Strategies for international High-Speed Rail operators in the European passenger transport marketPresentation
    D. Intermodal competition
  • Yves Crozet High Speed Rail and Long-Distance Passengers Transport in France: the End of a Golden AgePresentation
  • Cornelia Gremm The effect of intermodal competition on the pricing behavior of DB Fernverkehr AGPresentation
  • Maria Nadia Postorino Air transport and high-speed train user choices. Expected impacts within the European transport sce-narioPresentation